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I was quite moved this week by President Obama's show of emotion as he pleaded with the American nation to embrace his proposed gun control laws.  The astonishing statistics speak for themselves - in 2015 there were 330 mass shootings and a total of 13,344 deaths in America which equates to a little over 36 deaths every single day.  So far in 2016 (as at 6th January) the figure has already reached 157 deaths from shooting related incidents.  The President was clearly struggling to hold back tears of emotion, a demonstration of his passion and compassion for those who have been the victim of gun crime in the United States.  The demand to be able to defend yourself by having a gun also gives you licence to use it offensively; I am so glad that we as a nation continue to hold on to the belief that it is better not to have the right to own/carry a gun except in very stringent controlled situations.

Whether his show of emotion will have any impact upon his plea remains to be seen.  I think that all too often we shy away from showing our raw emotion for fear that it is a sign of weakness and open to ridicule. I believe that God gave us the ability to feel empathy and compassion and not to hide it away but to let it be shown and known as an outward sign of our concern and love for those afflicted and troubled in life.  Jesus openly displayed his emotion on many an occasion; weeping for his friend Lazarus (John 11) and for Jerusalem as he entered the city on Palm Sunday (Luke 19:41).  Don't let your energy be consumed by hiding your emotion; instead using Jesus as our example let it show and use your energy to do something positive about the situation you feel so compassionate about - it shows you care! 

'Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.' 1 Peter 3:8

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